Norwegian professional soccer player Erling Haaland (23) sent Shirin David (28) a video message in which he wishes her all the best for her tour. In a video that the rapper published on Instagram, she runs screaming through the backstage area and shows those present the message from Haaland on her cell phone. “Hey Shirin, Erling Haaland here. I heard you’re going on tour. I wish you all the best. All the best. Go hard! Goodbye!” says the Norwegian in a mix of German and English.

First you can see the original message, followed by David’s reaction to it. “Erling Haaland, my lost brother, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this incredibly sweet video,” she writes in her posting.

The background to the message is a statement about the Manchester City star in the last “The Voice of Germany” show, in which David is a jury member. In it she said that she really wanted to take a photo with Haaland because she would look just like him without make-up. With this comparison, the singer made the audience and her “The Voice” colleagues laugh. And apparently her statement didn’t go unnoticed by the footballer himself.

On Instagram, Shirin David continues to have fun pointing out her resemblance to the 23-year-old. In an Instagram story, the “We Love” singer presented a picture that shows her without makeup next to a photo of Haaland. In it she quoted her sister Patricia: “Pati says we were born in the same Viking tribe and switched at birth.”

She was alluding to the footballer’s typically Nordic appearance, which is regularly said about him. During a photo shoot at the end of September, for example, the British photographer David Yarrow (57) showed him in a Viking look on Instagram.