In the British royal family, but especially in royal reporting, things have been going haywire for months. There is talk of treason, bad behavior, even dishonesty. No, it’s not about Prince Andrew, it’s about the ex-Royals Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry. With all the fuss about the two, it’s easy to forget that Andrew only settled out of court with Epstein victim Virginia Roberts Giuffre last year.

These days, the brother of King Charles III. his best to clear his name. In February 2022, Andrew Virginia paid Roberts Giuffre millions but did not admit any guilt in his statement. As the “Daily Mail” reports, he now wants to reverse the agreement. The reason behind this is that Roberts Giuffre withdrew her defamation lawsuit against ex-Epstein lawyer Alan Dershowitz in late autumn last year. She accused the lawyer of forcing her to have sex with Epstein. She “maybe made a mistake,” Giuffre said in a statement.

Reason enough for Andrew to consult with his lawyers. The Duke of York, who stepped down from all his royal duties following the scandal, is still trying to find a way back into royal life. If you believe the British media – and according to Prince Harry they have the best connections to Buckingham Palace – neither Charles nor Prince William want to know anything about it. It is clear to them that Andrew will no longer be a working royal in the future.

Other experts are also critical of Andrew’s plans. The New York Post just reported that Virginia Roberts Giuffre had signed a book deal. So she plans to write her memoirs. “Andrew may have reached an agreement that Virginia Roberts Giuffre can never speak publicly about him,” royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams told the Daily Mail. “If that’s the case, the fact that she’s writing her memoirs won’t worry him and his legal team unduly. If not, then obviously it’s going to be very worrying,” he told the newspaper.

The fact that Prince Andrew was defended by Ghislaine Maxwell just a few days ago also doesn’t make a good impression. Maxwell is currently serving a 20-year sentence. She is considered the closest confidante and accomplice of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Apparently none of this is an argument for the Duke of York – he wants to return to royal life. Cost what it may.

Those: “Daily Mail” / “NY Post”

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