30 years ago, Elizabeth Hurley (58) made headlines with her tight Versace dress at the premiere of “Four Weddings and a Funeral”. Now she has spoken about her iconic look and revealed why she wasn’t afraid of the dress slipping.

Speaking exclusively to People, she said of the revealing Versace dress with gold safety pins: “The funny thing about all couture clothes is that even though they look risqué and whatever, they sit on the body like that. ” Nevertheless, she checked everything carefully before appearing alongside her then partner Hugh Grant (63): “Before I left the house, I bent down, touched my toes and stretched and wiggled, and nothing moved.” After all, the dress was “held together somewhere” everywhere. It was also “probably the first incredibly expensive dress” that she had ever worn in her life. She noted that she had previously “never heard of Versace when I was offered this dress to wear.”

Despite the open-hearted cut, she felt very comfortable in it: “It was just incredible to have something that was so beautifully crafted. And it looked incredibly daring, but was actually completely harmless. Actually, it was like wearing a bathrobe .”

The figure-hugging dress with a deep neckline, high leg slit and large gold safety pins on the side was designed by designer Gianni Versace (1946-1997) and first shown on the catwalk on model Helena Christensen (55). According to Hurley, she only wore the iconic dress once. “The last time I wore it was on this day in 1994. Then the next day it went straight back to Versace.” She noted that the piece has since “toured” because it is a “very famous dress,” joking, “It has a career of its own. It’s a well-traveled dress.”

Donatella Versace (68) told InStyle magazine five years ago that the cult appearance came about at very short notice. It was only the evening before the premiere that Versace received a request that Hurley, then 28, needed a dress for the important event. “No one could really imagine such an amazing reaction or that Liz would steal the spotlight from everyone else.” The dress immediately “flattered” the model perfectly, and the rest was history.