Easter brings back good memories: Spending time with the family, the children playing in the garden and the adults coming together at the laid table with Easter lamb and eggnog. Small souvenirs for a visit to the parent’s garden or presents from far away by mail create a festive atmosphere. Here you will find inspiration for eleven Easter gifts for parents (in-law).

Easter heralds a new season. So owners of their own green oasis are drawn back out into the garden. This solar garden light could be a suitable Easter gift for parents. It recharges itself with the energy of the sun and does not require an external power source.

Traditional Easter gifts are always well received because they have proven themselves and bring back beautiful memories. The Easter lamb is at the forefront. The festive pastry gets its cute 3D look from an Easter lamb baking pan. Either you just give away the pastry or the practical baking pan directly with it.

Not only nature blooms in spring – the beautiful play of colors can also be brought into your own four walls. Tableware with a floral design can be a nice Easter gift for parents. Whether it finds a place on the laid coffee table or simply serves as a splash of color in everyday life, it is always beautiful to look at.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, because (almost) everyone is happy about chocolate as a souvenir at Easter. In keeping with the festival, there are numerous manufacturers offering the classics in an Easter look.

Garden or balcony often become the focus of everyday life during the warm season. However, outside is not only a wonderful place to linger and relax, but also to be productive. Growing your own herbs is not only fun, it also gives the homemade salad the finishing touch. A nice gift is therefore kitchen herb seeds, so the parents (in-law) can grow their own herbs on the balcony or in the garden.

In addition to chocolate, flowers are considered a traditional Easter gift. There is also a reason for this, because a beautiful bouquet of flowers sets color accents and, in combination with a suitable vase, is a nice gift for the party.

Holidays offer time for what you love to do. This is how you could present a timeless classic cookbook to parents who love to cook. The cookbook “Toskana in meine Küche” was awarded the German Cookbook Prize 2021 in the Italy category. It takes the recipient on a culinary journey through Tuscany.

Speaking of relaxation: Your parents (in-law) could read the new book while taking a warm bath. These handmade bath chocolates could provide soft skin and a pleasant scent. The bath bombs are a suitable gift because they come in an Easter design — including a rabbit and Easter egg.

Do you know what a smart garden is? It is a compact indoor garden that works independently because it provides the plants with water, light and nutrients. The smart system is not only practical for people without a green thumb, even longer vacation trips are no longer a problem. If the recipient does not have a garden or balcony, a smart garden can be an alternative to the herb garden behind the house and a nice Easter gift.

Easter is often celebrated in the family circle, so board games are very popular on the holidays. A game that can also be easily played together digitally is this trivia game for families. The questions stimulate new topics of conversation and provide variety.

An absolute classic among Easter gifts for parents should not be missing: for many people, eggnog is as much a part of Easter as chocolate Easter eggs. The star has tested various eggnogs, so you don’t have to. If you are looking for inspiration, you can find the result of the test here.

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