Easter is knocking on the door and you have four days of family time ahead of you. The little ones are already excited and wondering what the Easter Bunny has in store for them this year. Spending time together and discovering new things are at the top of the wish list. These Easter gifts for children make the little ones happy.

Singer-songwriter Rolf Zukowski once sang “Stups, the little Easter bunny, keeps falling on his face, no matter where he went, something always went wrong…” The well-known children’s song has been sung by children for many years. You are exactly right with this sweet song book, because the book comes with a little cuddly rabbit.

This Easter present for children invites the family to play together for many rounds. The game set includes memo, running and color games. In this way, the children can become creative and discover new things in a playful way.

Easter also means that spring is finally here again. Your children now want to be outside a lot and go on discovery tours. With this explorer set including binoculars, magnifying glass and compass, you are well equipped for your next adventure in nature.

Equipped with binoculars and the like, practical walkie-talkies are still missing. You probably remember this gadget from your own childhood and remember how much fun it was to experience new adventures with friends. This walkie-talkie set has a range of up to five kilometers and was designed with children in mind.

If the weather is bad in spring, then children will be happy about this football for indoor use. The special thing about the soccer ball is the floating effect, which is created by ventilation inside the ball. In this way, the ball can easily hover over smooth surfaces. The padding on the sides of the toy ensures that the ball does not cause any damage.

Spending time together is the best thing about family life, which is why the little ones are particularly happy about reading new books together. Suitable for Easter, this book deals with the topic of Easter and is suitable for children from the age of two.

The classic game ever: UNO. The game is particularly suitable as a small gift and gift for Easter. What is certain is that all generations will know the rules, because UNO has been around since 1971.

What could be nicer for children than being able to be creative themselves and making something of their own? We particularly like this beautiful wooden bead set. Whether necklaces or bracelets, your children can craft whatever they like.

Book classic and touching story at the same time: Give away the book “Do you actually know how much I love you?” at Easter. and read the beautiful story about love and togetherness. The two rabbits in the story are perfect for Easter.

Children discover the world with curiosity. The interactive learning toy conveys new topics in a playful way with texts, pictures and sounds and brings them to life. In this exciting book, children can explore the world and get to know different continents and animals.

Although Easter is not celebrated as extensively as Christmas or birthdays, it is exciting for children every year. Spring is in the air, the little ones are looking forward to the Easter egg hunt and it’s time for family. If you want to make the children happy, you can hide colorfully painted eggs as well as small Easter gifts.

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