After Prince Harry (39) and Duchess Meghan (42) signed a supposedly $100 million deal with the streaming service Netflix in 2020, they have their hands full filling this lucrative contract with life and interesting insights into their private lives.

So far, they have delivered their business partners the mini-documentary series “Invictus Games: Indomitable at Heart,” which revolves around a sports competition for war-disabled soldiers that Harry started. In another documentary series entitled “Live to Lead” they introduced inspiring leaders. However, the two celebrated their greatest success by far with their series “Harry

In order to provide further fodder for the contract, which runs until 2025, they are now following up with two additional formats that focus on their private hobbies: While a new documentary will deal with Prince Harry’s passion for the sport of polo, it will be on Netflix According to Meghan, one of Meghan’s as yet untitled solo projects will be about “the joys of cooking and gardening, entertainment and friendship.”

As the British “Daily Mail” reports, filming for Meghan’s new cooking and friendship show is said to have started on April 16th. The fact that, according to insider information, the program apparently will not be filmed in the Duchess of Sussex’s private kitchen in her villa in Montecito, California, is causing some irritation. Rather, a similarly sophisticated residence in the immediate vicinity of the two royal emigrants was apparently used for filming.

As the magazine rightly states, the decision may not be due to a lack of space in the domicile, which is supposedly equipped with nine bedrooms and 19 bathrooms and which was already featured in the series “Harry