Duchess Meghan (42) continues to work on the development of her new lifestyle brand “American Riviera Orchard,” which she launched in mid-March. Apparently there is a lot going on behind the scenes at the moment. As “People” magazine has learned, Prince Harry’s wife (39) is said to have ownership of the trademark rights to various products.

According to the report, on March 9, the US Patent and Trademark Office received several trademark applications from Meghan. Apparently, she wants to sell goods in almost all lifestyle areas in the future, including cosmetic products, home accessories, stationery, bedding, small kitchen appliances, spices, yoga equipment, gardening tools, pet accessories, tableware and jarred food products. The foods listed include wine, honey, dried fruits, coffee, tea and sauces, as well as sweets such as cookies.

According to “People”, the registrations for various beauty products are particularly noticeable. In addition to the above-mentioned goods, the Duchess of Sussex also wants to launch skin care, cosmetics and fragrance items. In addition to scented and lavender sachets, the trademark registration also includes non-medical skin care preparations, bath and shower gels as well as salts for non-medical purposes, non-medical hair preparations, bath soap, bar soap, non-medical hand soaps, body creams, bath oil, body lotion, fragrance oils and room fragrances called.

The products will apparently be sold both online and in retail stores, it is said. However, no further details are known yet. Both the “American Riviera Orchard” website and the Instagram account have not yet changed. Meghan’s lifestyle brand now has almost 600,000 followers on Instagram.