Kürsat Yildirim aka Chico leads a life that others can only dream of: luxury cars, chic clothes, expensive watches. With his lottery win of almost ten million euros, the man from Dortmund buys everything he wants.

After Chico published a photo with food blogger “Maxxpane” on Instagram three days ago, in which he – as so often – appeared healthy and alert, he now had to go to the hospital. In a recent photo, which can be seen in the lottery lucky guy’s Instagram story, he looks quite weak. As the “Bild” reports, the 42-year-old was operated on Monday.

“I had a broken belly button. Luckily it didn’t hurt, but with my doctor I decided to have it operated on early,” Chico told the newspaper. The surgical procedure was therefore without complications. A plastic mesh was sewn in to stabilize the abdominal wall.

Overall, Chico’s stay in the hospital could have been worse. Because the time in the recovery room was short; he was quickly moved to a room on the regular ward. Actually, the stay for the Lotto millionaire was supposed to last a good three days, but he was already released in the afternoon.

Chico reports: “Everyone was very nice to me, the doctors and nurses looked after me very well. Before I went to bed, I had to take a few photos with the fans.” Even if the routine operation went well, the 42-year-old should spend the next few days in bed and take it easy. That’s what the doctors prescribed for him.

The nouveau riche from Dortmund announces: “I should take it easy for a few weeks. Then I’ll really hit the gas again, I want to go to the gym regularly.” In addition, there are negotiations with major brands. Because Chico wants to get into the advertising business.

Sources: Image, Instagram