The controversial pop singer Michael Wendler (50) returns to German television. As the broadcaster RTLzwei announced, a new docu-soap with the musician (“She loves the DJ”) and his wife Laura is planned – it should be about Laura’s pregnancy.

In six parts, there will be “intimate insights into the life of Michael and his Laura,” announced the private broadcaster. The broadcast is planned for this year – “including the birth as a season highlight”.

Extremely controversial

That the singer finds his way back to German television can come as a surprise. Since autumn 2020 at the latest, he has been considered an extremely controversial figure. At the time, Wendler had published a video on Corona policy in Germany that caused a scandal. Among other things, he accused television stations – including his home broadcaster RTL at the time – of being “aligned”.

RTL, which had hired him as a juror for his casting show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” at the time, then called Wendler a conspiracy theorist and immediately distanced himself from him. After another statement by Wendler about Germany as a “concentration camp”, he was then completely cut out of episodes of the casting format that had already been shot. Speech bubbles replaced statements from him.

Allegedly, “KZ” was an abbreviation for “crisis center,” he later claimed. In the general public, however, the letters were perceived as a synonym for the “concentration camps” of the National Socialists.

After that, Wendler, previously a frequently booked protagonist for reality formats such as jungle camp or “Celebrity Big Brother”, disappeared from major television productions. Especially in the messenger service Telegram – which is considered a place of refuge for people who spread conspiracy stories – you could still track Michael Wendler content. On his wife Laura’s Instagram channel, among other things, a “Die Wendlers” account was advertised on the erotic portal OnlyFans.

All about pregnancy

Then, at the beginning of February, bigger news: Laura announced on Instagram that she was expecting a baby (“Love in the belly: Our great happiness is on the way”). The couple, who have a 28-year age difference, live in Florida.

RTLzwei now wants to accompany the two from the “birth preparation course to the baby bed purchase”. “What challenges await the parents-to-be? And how are Michael and his Laura preparing for the birth of their first child together?” The message called up themes. According to the broadcaster, the Wendler baby should be born in the summer.

Wendler himself also expressed himself in the message. All his attention is currently on Laura and the baby, he said. “The last thing you need is the conflict and controversy that has been associated with my name lately,” Wendler said. He wants to “clearly distance himself” from “some” of his statements from the past. Exactly which ones remained open in the statement at first.

He and Laura viewed the new format “as an opportunity to restart,” Wendler explained. The “” portal had already reported on comeback plans on Monday.