Barbara Schöneberger (49) invites you to the Christmas broadcast of “Do you understand fun?” With the motto “All I Want For Christmas Is Fun!” On December 16th (8:15 p.m., Das Erste and ORF) she will create a Christmas atmosphere on TV. For the show, the presenter dug deep into the glitter box again, because “I have no shortage of sparkly clothes,” she laughs in an interview with the news agency spot on news. She even changes the outfit in between for her guest Florian Silbereisen (42), who is accompanied by his duet partner Thomas Anders (60) to the new song “Everything sparkles! Everything glitters!” is tricked.

Barbara Schöneberger: For me, every broadcast of “Do you understand fun?” like Christmas. I’ve noticed that people long to watch such an entertainment show because they say to themselves: “Well, now it’s going to be nice and now I’m happy.” There is always something Christmassy about everyone coming together and singing. Then it has a golden glow and that was really special in this issue.

Schöneberger: Yes, of course! So there will definitely be a bit of singing, I can tell you that much. I looked at “Do you understand fun?” Yes, a big opening is always desired. I always like to have something nice at the beginning, which you can’t do in every show. And we fully deliver on that. It’s a very fun song that presents everything you can look forward to in this show on a silver platter. Everyone knows the song I sing, but the lyrics are new.

Schöneberger: It’s silver! I even change clothes on the show. So that means for the people who like my outfits, they can be happy. Those who like to get upset about it can get upset twice. But I chose “Everything sparkles! Everything glitters!” Florian Silbereisen actually made a special move that clearly has something to do with Florian’s film. I have no shortage of sparkly clothes.

Schöneberger: I love Jutta Speidel. Anyway, I think this whole generation has great German actresses. No matter whether Iris Berben, Jutta Speidel, Michaela May, they are all so great. And Jutta Speidel, who came to the show, sat down and said: “That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time.” That’s the way we want it to be.

Schöneberger: As painting teacher Conny, I once tricked people at a painting course. I thought that was really great. It makes me a humanitarian when I act like this. Because it’s so incredibly touching what people really go along with, what people put up with in a good way, because they don’t actually embarrass you or don’t want to embarrass the person who misbehaves. This is a quality that I find wonderful.

Schöneberger: Of course there are always people who are easier to move. As a rule they are women. I’m always happy when I see women sitting there. These are always arbitrary groups that are introduced to you. And women are less afraid and can be carried along more easily. And they are curious too. But I don’t want to basically say that men are incapable of being tricked. But it works even better with women.

Schöneberger: There was also the catch that I didn’t know anything about wine. But I know it’s a big, wide world. And no one wants to be embarrassed and say: “No, I can’t taste the leather sole” or the “cat pee”… They then go along with: “Yes, yes, interesting” and of course look at them at each other all the time, but they didn’t want to appear stupid in front of an institution like Paula Bosch.

Schöneberger: I don’t know anything about wine. I hosted the Wine Awards with great enthusiasm for several years and also thought that being a winemaker was the coolest job in the world. Really, I met the greatest guys there. But I have to say that I don’t actually drink wine at all. I’d rather drink a gin and tonic.