The German director Edward Berger (53) is looking forward to the upcoming award ceremonies for his multi-nominated film “Nothing New in the West”. The anti-war epic was nominated for nine Oscars. The Academy Awards ceremony will take place on March 12th.

With as many as 14 nominations, the film is going to the British Film Awards (Baftas) this Sunday – the German delegation in London is correspondingly large. “That means everyone is really there, the entire team is there. The entire team will also be there at the Oscars,” Berger told the German Press Agency. “It’s like a class reunion, great. Of course I like doing it.”

The filmmaker was invited to the traditional Oscar lunch for nominees in Hollywood last weekend. “It was great and it was fun getting to know everyone,” he said, speaking of a “great honor and pleasure”. Among other things, he met the director Steven Spielberg, who was “simply incredibly nice” and also saw “nothing new in the west”. “He said he thought the film was great,” Berger said.