Anyone actively trying to find a partner has to deal with a wide variety of cover-up tactics. One is taken and hiding it, the next doesn’t admit that he just wants something casual and acts like relationship material, another doesn’t want to start a family, emigrate someday or just plain and simply doesn’t believe in you anymore love. But in order to find out how the new acquaintance ticks, a few meetings pass, sometimes even weeks or months. The hardballing dating trend, which is preferably carried out in Generation Z, shortens this process.

Hardballing is the step to radical honesty. A gentle touch on the other, a small submissive question on the side? puff cake. When hardballing, you fall into the house with the door and your whole life. Superficiality and banalities have no place with hardballers – because time is money and the dating market is very big. So why waste too much time on someone who doesn’t share the same vision of life and plans for the future?

The term for the dating trend came from the English “to play hardball”, which means something like “to be persistent”. The core of the dating trend is to ask relatively quickly during written communication on dating apps whether it might suit you, what is important to the other person and how he or she imagines the future. However, hardballing is not only about a solid bond like a relationship, even if you are looking for an affair or a one-night stand, you should ask about this quickly.

Psychologist and dating coach Logan Ury describes the dating trend: “Hardballing is a new dating term that means when someone is clear about what they expect from a relationship, whether or not they want a serious long-term partnership.” Oftentimes, the clarity of hardballing saves the time it would have taken to meet in person not knowing if the connection might have potential. Of course, there is a risk of scaring off one or the other with this clarity, but at the same time it gives you the chance to quickly separate the wheat from the chaff.

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