At the side of Patrick Swayze (1952-2009) she became famous worldwide with her role in “Ghost – Message from Sam” (1990). The first Golden Globe nomination, numerous red carpets and other film roles quickly followed. Until then, however, it was a long way for Demi Moore (60) – and even after the first wave of success, one or the other scandal headline was not missing. On her 60th birthday on November 11, here are six exciting facts about the US actress.

Even Demi Moore’s childhood can be described as anything but carefree. Even before she was born, her parents divorced after a two-month marriage. When Moore was three months old, her mother, Virginia, married a newspaper seller, whom the actress saw as her real father. Due to several job changes, the family moved often. Her mother’s marriage also broke up later. Virginia was frequently arrested for arson and drunk driving, leading to a fractured relationship. It wasn’t until shortly before Virginia’s death in 1998 that mother and daughter reunited. Moore is said to have never had a close relationship with her two half-siblings.

In the 1990s, Demi Moore quickly climbed the career ladder with the films Ghost and Indecent Proposal. At the time, she was considered one of the most sought-after actresses in Hollywood and was also known for charging high fees – it was said to have been ten million dollars (about 10.1 million euros) for “Striptease” (1996). Fun Fact: For that film, Moore received her first Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actress in 1997. There were two other anti-Oscars for “Deep Desire” (2000) and “Charlie’s Angels – Full Power” (2003). Large film projects did not want to follow from now on.

When it comes to love, Demi Moore never really wanted to work out. In 1980 she married her first husband, Freddy Moore (1950-2022) – at the age of 18. After four years, she filed for divorce. After a brief liaison with actor Emilio Estevez (60), Moore gave the yes word to Hollywood star Bruce Willis (67) in 1987. The two had their three daughters, Rumer (34), Scout (31) and Tallulah (28), some of whom are also in front of the camera today. Willis and Moore filed for divorce in 2000. However, the two actors have remained on friendly terms to this day.

Moore married Ashton Kutcher (44) for the third time in 2005. The relationship broke up in 2011 and the marriage ended in divorce in 2013. The US actress has been in a relationship with Swiss star chef Daniel Humm since the beginning of 2022.

With her autobiography “Inside Out”, which was published in September 2019, Demi Moore looked back relentlessly on numerous traumatic events. With ex-husband Ashton Kutcher, she lost a baby in the sixth month of pregnancy. The actress then went back to drinking and became addicted to the pain reliever Vicodin. Shortly after the breakup, Moore had a seizure from overdosing on drugs. In addition, she reported in the book of a rape at the age of 15 years.

Because of her alcohol and drug addiction, Moore’s daughters turned away from her. The actress then went into rehab that brought the mother and daughters back together. Today they lead a harmonious family life. Bruce Willis, who now has two more children with his new wife Emma Heming-Willis (44), is still one of them. The ‘Die Hard’ star recently announced the end of his career due to aphasia, a speech disorder caused by damage to the brain. But the patchwork family also masters this health challenge together, as they repeatedly make clear on social media.

Demi Moore is on a vegan diet. The US actress is said to eat only raw food and has been following a strict diet for years. Her love for animals is said to be the reason for her diet. She has been involved with the animal welfare organization PETA for a long time.