In the superhero spectacle “Deadpool 3”, which is currently scheduled to be released in cinemas in summer 2024, not only loudmouth Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds, 46) makes his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A certain other superhero, armed with adamantium claws and previously seen in the “X-Men” films, also enters the sprawling, divided Marvel world of Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor and Co for the first time.

We are of course talking about the superhero Wolverine, also known as Logan, who has never been played in modern cinema films by any other actor than Hugh Jackman (54). The Australian fan favorite made his comic film debut in 2000 in Bryan Singer’s “X-Men” (57). Jackman went on to appear in five more X-Men titles over two decades.

The often angry and violent loner character also received her own spin-off series with “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” (2009), “Wolverine: Path of the Warrior” (2013) and “Logan – The Wolverine” (2017). film trilogy. Actually, the character’s story was told with “Logan”, the title character died in James Mangold’s (59) gloomy trilogy conclusion.

However, since “Logan” is set in 2029, “Deadpool 3” will predate the plot of this film. Wolverine is therefore still alive.

A first scene from “Deadpool 3” that was released in July has already made Wolverine fans ecstatic, because in the photo the character is wearing the original yellow and blue costume known from the Marvel comics for the first time. Previously, actor Jackman had vehemently opposed Wolverine’s yellow suit. “One of the blessings is that I don’t have to wear spandex,” the Australian explained in 2009, adding, “I think it’s safe to say that me and yellow tights don’t get along!”

“Deadpool 3” main actor and producer Ryan Reynolds and director Shawn Levy (“Stranger Things”, 55) will certainly also have a shirtless Jackman scene that has become almost mandatory, like in Wolverine’s screen debut in “X-Men”. can smuggle back into the upcoming Marvel movie.

Hugh Jackman says he steeled his now 54-year-old body in six months of intense training to return to what is probably his most iconic role. The star is said to have consumed 8,000 calories a day during this period. He also shared his ample diet to build muscle and mass some time ago on X (formerly Twitter). Jackman says he ate so many chickens in preparation for Deadpool 3 that he felt it necessary to publicly apologize to all vegans, vegetarians and chickens in the world.

In the X-Men films and the Wolverine spin-off trilogy, the grumpy Logan/Wolverine character wasn’t primarily known for his humorous moments. It remains to be seen how the superhero will fit into the world of Deadpool, which is characterized by irreverent meta-humor and pop culture references.

However, the actors Reynolds and Jackman probably already provide a foretaste. Because it’s not just since the announcement of Jackman’s participation in “Deadpool 3” that they’ve been playfully fighting each other again and again. Earlier this year, Hugh Jackman asked the Oscar Academy in an ironic Instagram video not to give Ryan Reynolds a golden boy because he would have to spend the coming year with the Deadpool actor in the course of the production of the new film. “Please, please, from the bottom of my heart, don’t endorse Ryan Reynolds in that way,” Jackman said.

Fans can expect this kind of disrespectful, disparaging humor again for “Deadpool 3”. After all, main actor Reynolds, who is also involved as an author in the “Deadpool” films, has repeatedly made fun of the character Wolverine and her actor in the previous two parts of the film series, sometimes in a hilarious way.

Despite all the differences, some similarities between Deadpool and Wolverine cannot be dismissed out of hand. Both characters are clearly anti-heroes from Marvel comics and films, both characters’ Origin stories are relatively dark, and both Wolverine and Deadpool walk over corpses without batting an eyelid.

The latter in particular should come into its own in “Deadpool 3”, as the superhero film is the first Marvel title ever to receive a so-called R rating in the USA, and is therefore only approved for ages 17 and over. As in “Deadpool 1 and 2”, severed body parts and entrails should again fly across the screen while Wolverine tears opponents to pieces with his adamantium claws.

Another similarity is the fabulous regenerative abilities of Wolverine and Deadpool. While Wolverine is almost invincible in battle, Deadpool is probably immortal and can regrow severed hands or legs at will.

In addition to Jackman and Reynolds, Jennifer Garner (51) will also appear in “Deadpool 3” as Elektra and “The Crown” star Emma Corrin (27) as a still unknown villain. Also returning from the previous parts are Morena Baccarin (44) as Deadpool’s great love Vanessa, Brianna Hildebrand (27) as X-Men member Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Leslie Uggams (80) as Deadpool’s roommate Blind Al and Karan Soni (34) as Deadpools Chauffeur Dopinder back. Stefan Kapičić (44) voices X-Men member Colossus again in the English original.

“Deadpool 3” is currently scheduled to be released in US cinemas on May 3, 2024. However, due to the ongoing double strike in the US film industry, this date could change again.