DAZN turns the price screw again. The sports streaming provider is changing its subscription model and thus increasing the costs for the respective service for new customers in some cases. For existing customers, however, nothing will change for the time being, as the company announced. Anyone who wants to join DAZN can still choose from three different models. However, these are now at least a few more expensive or equipped with different content. You can now choose from “DAZN Unlimited”, “DAZN Super Sports” or “DAZN World”.

If the user opts for the “Unlimited” version, all content on the platform is still available to him. However, it is now the only model that shows the Bundesliga and the Champions League. If you opt for a minimum term of twelve months, you will still have to pay 29.99 euros. With the monthly terminable variant, however, 44.99 euros must now be paid instead of the previous 39.99 euros.

“Super Sports” replaces the “Standard” package that was only introduced in January and now even costs five euros less than before: 19.99 euros are due for a twelve-month term, 24.99 euros with a monthly cancellation option. The decisive difference: The Bundesliga and the Champions League are not included in this offer, which was previously included in the “standard” version.

DAZN customers still get the least content with the small “World” subscription for 6.99 euros in the annual tariff or 9.99 euros with a monthly cancellable version. However, the offer here is very limited. The broadcasts of the Women’s Champions League, the Women’s Bundesliga or international cup competitions can be called up here.

In the annual tariff of the “Unlimited” variant, two parallel streams can still be called up. In addition, six different playback devices can be registered. In the other packages this is limited to one stream and three devices. DAZN holds the Bundesliga rights for all Friday and Sunday games. In addition, from the Champions League play-offs, DAZN shows all Wednesday games in the premier class and, with the exception of one game, all games on Tuesday as individual games and conference.