When we start dating someone new, we take the time to really get to know them. What are hobbies and interests? What is the personality like? Can we trust him or her? Do we find ourselves attractive? How well does the new acquaintance get along with friends and family? And how well do you fit together? An important consideration when starting a new date is whether the person is emotionally available. That means: Is she still burdened by past relationships or commitments? Is she really ready to try something new?

To avoid unnecessary disappointment and ensure that someone is truly ready for a new relationship, psychotherapist Katherine Cullen summarized these characteristics in Psychology Today magazine.

If you find that your new date is exhibiting some or all of these signs, it’s important to have realistic expectations and have an honest conversation about how you both want to move forward. It is important to recognize whether the person is really ready to commit to a new relationship or whether they are still too attached to their past.

Quelle:  Psychology Today

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