A night that is too short or restless and the next morning they are there – the dark shadows under the eyes. Most people then quickly reach for a cooling eye cream and then a concealer to camouflage them. But do the products really do anything? And is lack of sleep the only cause of intense dark circles under the eyes? The TV journalists Anna Funck (43) and Vanessa Blumhagen (45), authors of “Healthy, strong, beautiful: This is how women’s health works today” (mvg Verlag), got to the bottom of this. In a double interview with the news agency spot on news, they reveal why dark circles under the eyes can’t just come from too little sleep.

Anna Funck: I committed a bit of a crime. I was sitting in the audience at Vanessa’s Hashimoto Day, completely inexperienced, and it suddenly became clear to me: Everything you learn here is interesting for every woman. Because we all want to be beautiful, strong and healthy. And there are just a few great tricks with which you can create so much more well-being. Best of all, they’re not rocket science, you just have to know them.

Vanessa Blumhagen: I also have to add: Our book is actually interesting for the whole family. Because men also have intestines that cause problems, stress or bad nerves. Children also lie awake forever and can no longer sleep well. And because we approach everything holistically, we know that everything is connected. Our book is actually a reference work for the whole family. And we women are the health ministers.

Blumhagen: The exciting thing about this topic is that there are many more reasons why we walk around with dark circles under our eyes: It could be an iron deficiency, an underactive thyroid, an overworked liver or playing ping-pong with our blood sugar. And unfortunately, sleeping doesn’t help at all in all of these cases.

Funck: Exactly. Then you have to get to the construction sites. The first step would be a complete blood count. But you can also see how you can keep your blood sugar stable or do a liver cleanse. This is incredibly beneficial – I was just able to find out for myself.

Funck: In my case it was immediately after the liver cleanse. Everything else takes time.

Blumhagen: It takes a certain amount of time for the thyroid gland to be adjusted correctly in the event of an underactive condition or for an iron deficiency to be replenished. But the good thing is that by treating these symptoms, other problems also disappear: weight gain, exhaustion, freezing…

Funck: You can get the right make-up palettes depending on the color of your dark circles. Blue circles under the eyes can be covered with orange concealer. Purple under-eye circles with yellowish concealer, purple-blue under-eye circles with salmon-colored concealer and brownish under-eye circles with purple concealer.

Blumhagen: Be sure to pay attention to the ingredients in make-up and decorative cosmetics. Natural cosmetics are a good choice. But if you want to be on the safe side and don’t want to get any substances that damage and change your genetic makeup or interfere with your hormonal system into your body, you can download apps like “ToxFox”. It shows exactly which products are questionable and why. Because toxic ingredients lead to worse symptoms than dark circles under the eyes in the long term!

Funck: Nothing at all. Doesn’t do anything. The problem comes from within. Maybe it has a cooling effect, but then maybe use a rose quartz roller from the fridge.

Blumhagen: The same applies here again: When in doubt, you unnecessarily get toxins into your body. And that’s exactly what we don’t want. They just make us sick. We’d rather get to the root of the problem.