Dannii Minogue (52) counts herself as part of the queer community: At the start of a new TV show called “I Kissed A Girl”, Kylie Minogue’s little sister (55), who hosts the show, reports that she also identifies as queer.

I Kissed A Girl is the UK’s first ever dating show for queer women. In the reality series, ten single women live together in a luxury villa in Italy – and hope to get closer to each other. The show is a successor to “I Kissed A Boy”, a format for gay men, which Dannii Minogue also hosted in 2023. According to the Daily Mail, the singer and actress says it’s “surreal” that there hasn’t been a show for lesbian or bisexual women yet. It is “so important” to see queer women in the dating world, Minogue continued. “We need this.”

Minogue may also be talking about herself. In the first episode of the show, according to the report, she reveals to the women: “I identify as queer in a strange way.” When asked if she is attracted to women, she replies with a laugh: “You women are hot. You know that. I love it. That’s what I’m here for. Is that an answer?”

The Australian has officially only been with men, including Canadian Formula 1 world champion Jacques Villeneuve (53) and English rugby player Kris Smith (45), with whom she has a son.