The biggest scandal of this year’s jungle camp is currently taking place outside of the camp – in the Versace Hotel and on Instagram. There, Iris Klein (55), mother-in-law of Lucas Cordalis (55), publicly accused her husband Peter (63) of cheating on her with Yvonne Wölke (41).

The two are currently jungle companions in the hotel in Australia and are waiting for their camp protégés. Peter on Cordalis, Wölke on Djamila Rowe (55). They should – as Iris believes – have come closer. Iris Klein brought her speculations to the world with great anger in her Instagram stories. The two suspects deny the allegations. But the story is far from over.

The family drama does not leave Klein’s famous daughter and TV star Daniela Katzenberger (36) cold. On Instagram she expressed herself on Thursday with a desperate story: “For a few days I’ve had the feeling that hell has broken out here,” said the cat. “A lot of things happen that are bad and also extremely stressful.” She had had high blood pressure for a few days, her heart rate at rest was 110, veins in her eyes would burst…

The cat goes on to describe her “emotional stress”: “I wish it wouldn’t bother me as much, but unfortunately that doesn’t work the way you would like it to in your head, because my heart is a bit in between… Katzenberger is now trying to stay away from her cell phone and the internet as much as possible. “I think to myself: if the mobile phone is off, the internet will also shut up. Unfortunately, I have to say it like that.”

Now the cat is longing for the end of the show and is looking forward to her husband’s return. “In three days the jungle camp will be over too … I’m so happy when Lucas comes home and we have our old life … I have the feeling that I have to be everyone’s shoulder to lean on, but I don’t have one myself right now there.”

Speaking of Lucas Cordalis: In a new story post on Friday, Katzenberger also protects her husband, whose image in the jungle has also suffered. She writes that everyone who follows her on Instagram or watches her show knows “that Lucas is neither an asocial asshole, nor disrespectful, nor rude. He has both feet on the ground, is a father and one of the dearest people that I know.”

In the episode broadcast on Thursday, Cordalis had a violent argument with his camp roommates Luigi “Gigi” Birofio (23) and Papis Loveday (46) after the jungle test. Since Cordalis couldn’t swallow the disgusting food, it got five instead of seven stars.

“It’s a bit disappointing, we could have had all seven,” summarizes Gigi afterwards. “In a team you lose together, in a camp you lose together,” defends Lucas. You could also say: You are satisfied with five stars. “But then I would be lying,” replies Gigi. Whereupon Cordalis finally declares that he can also say a thousand things about the others, which finally breaks the camel’s back.

Lucas gets into a fight with Gigi in particular. “Don’t make a sacrifice, Lucas. Don’t fuck me off!” He yells at the Cordalis offspring. And Papis also becomes clear and accuses him of not being honest: “You are a wrong man!”

Daniela Katzenberger also seems to react to this in one of her Instagram stories, but without naming specific names. Nevertheless, she becomes clear: “Often people who are an asshole at first glance are also an asshole at second glance. In this sense, good night.”