Joachim Llambi would have preferred to award eleven points, the jury was so enthusiastic about the performance on the dance floor: In the end, actor and singer Mark Keller received ten points for his Charleston on the RTL dance show “Let’s Dance” – the best possible rating. Jury member Jorge González said it was his best dance of the season. Thanks to his bonus point from a special show last week, Keller had taken a small lead, but thanks to his convincing performance, according to Llambi, he didn’t need it at all.

Two dance couples went home that evening: fitness influencer Sophia Thiel and author Biyon Kattilathu were eliminated from the RTL dance show. The combination of jury and audience ratings was not enough to advance to the next round.

Two dance couples eliminated

“Dancing definitely gave me a whole new body feeling,” Thiel said before the show. She is really proud of herself. In high heels, the 28-year-old danced a jive to “Physical” by Olivia Newton-John with Alexandru Ionel. A few times she lost her rhythm. “It has to be more consistent,” criticized Llambi. González still had a little praise ready: “You kept going.” That is also part of the show.

Biyon Kattilathu’s slow waltz received 18 jury points. The 39-year-old said afterwards that he enjoyed the dance. However, Llambi criticized his attitude. There was praise, among other things, for the lifting figures and Kattilathu’s presence on the floor. Nevertheless, it was over for him and his dance partner Marta Arndt after this round.

The Discofox Queen

Things went well for singer Lulu on Friday evening. After finishing in last place last week, the 31-year-old wasn’t feeling well. But Lulu convinced the jury: “You put on a really great show here today,” said González. She received three times nine points for her jive.

At the end of the show, Lulu also won the Discofox marathon together with dance partner Massimo Sinató. They stood on the floor for a full nine minutes. The challenge had all couples dancing at the same time to music chosen by the audience. According to the jury’s decision, one dance couple was eliminated every minute. There were ten extra points for Discofox queen Lulu.

Fitness coach Detlef Soost also did well in the challenge and took second place. The 53-year-old had previously impressed people with his rumba. For this he received 26 points from the jury. This made Soost, along with Mark Keller, one of the best of the evening.

Trembling dancing couples and prominent audience

Comedian Tony Bauer and influencer Ann-Kathrin Bendixen had to tremble before they could secure their ticket for the next round. “It was your best dance this season,” was Llambi’s praise for Bendixen. Although the dancing couple initially fell and the 23-year-old’s top came undone, there was thunderous applause for the contemporary. Nevertheless, Bendixen initially had to worry about progressing.

It was also a close call for Tony Bauer after his Contemporary: the 28-year-old received criticism for, among other things, a lack of expression. It seemed as if the handbrake was on this time, said Llambi.

“You have enchanted me,” González said after Jana Wosnitza’s rumba. The sports journalist received 23 jury points for the dance.

Angelo Kelly from the audience cheered on his son Gabriel at his samba on Friday evening. “Today was a story of light and shadow,” said juror Motsi Mabuse. Llambi also said that the 22-year-old was partly out of step. Kelly should keep his aggressiveness in check more in the dance, but not lose it completely.