Singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey (“Video Games”, 38) made a curious appearance at the current Glastonbury Festival in south-west England. After arriving around half an hour late for her set scheduled for 10:30pm on Saturday night (June 24), the singer had her microphone muted at midnight. The reason: Glastonbury has a strict curfew. After midnight, no sound can be played on the big stages of the traditional festival, as reported by “Daily Mail”.

Right at the beginning of her performance, Del Rey apologized for being late. “I’m so damn late they might cancel my set. I’m sorry my haircut took so long,” the music star explained to the audience. During her ongoing gig, Del Rey brought in a stylist to continue working on her hair and also announced that she wanted to “rush” through her performance.

But nothing helped. In less than an hour, and with at least six songs still to play – including some of their biggest hits – Glastonbury Festival Del Rey turned off the microphone. Del Rey’s fans sang her 2011 hit “Video Games” from her major label debut “Born to Die” a cappella with the musician. Security personnel then escorted the 38-year-old off the stage.