The London police have received further reports against the comedian and actor Russell Brand. As Scotland Yard announced, there are allegations of sexual assault in London and other parts of the country that are now being investigated. Although he was not mentioned by name in the message, it was clear from the context that it was about the 48-year-old. The alleged incidents were therefore a long time ago.

According to research by the “Sunday Times”, “Times” and the TV station Channel 4, allegations from several women against Brand of rape, physical assault and emotional abuse were reported for the first time in mid-September. A short time later, the police confirmed that they had received a report.

Police launch call

Brand, who was briefly married to US singer Katy Perry (38), had so far denied all allegations. Although he had many different sexual partners at times, the relationships were always consensual, he asserted.

The police called on other potential victims to also contact the investigating authorities: “We encourage anyone who believes they may have been a victim of sexual crimes, no matter how long ago it was, to contact us,” said a police spokesman according to the announcement.

Brand, who once worked for the BBC and other well-known radio and television broadcasters in Great Britain, is now mainly active on various social media channels. However, YouTube stopped paying compensation for his channel with 6.6 million followers last week. He recently posted daily videos in which he commented on political and social issues. He often used conspiracy theories.