Painting is a useful activity in many ways: it promotes your children’s gross and fine motor skills, stimulates creativity and at the same time trains their spatial imagination and ability to concentrate. Apart from that, it’s just fun to let off steam artistically using bright colors. This also applies to adults who like to use brushes or pens to distract themselves from stressful everyday life. The fact is: painting has a meditative and relaxing effect on the body. It’s hardly surprising why more and more people are painting stones: the three-dimensional works of art can be used as decorative style elements in the home and garden – or convey an important message.

If you walk down the street “Alter G├╝terbahnhof”, the colorful stone snake immediately catches your eye: many Hamburg citizens, large and small, have painted dozens of stones and lined them up next to each other as a sign of community during the Corona crisis. A short guide invites every walker to take part in the activity and paint even more stones – so that the queue becomes longer and longer. The children of a stern employee have also already contributed and created their own works of art. You can see what the whole thing looks like live in our photo series:

As the campaign in Hamburg is currently proving, more and more people are interested in the new trendy hobby: painting stones. Especially in northern Germany, virtual groups are currently being formed on social networks in which members exchange ideas about their stone works of art: In addition to the classic decoration with pictures, motivational sayings and positive sayings are also very popular with adults. These are applied either with the pens mentioned above – or with the help of fine brushes and acrylic paint. If you would like to try your hand at painting stones, you can find the inspiration you need on Pinterest.

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