On October 11, the British Palace announced that King Charles III. (73) on Saturday, May 6, 2023. The official statement goes on to say that the coronation ceremony will take place in Westminster Abbey and will be presided over by the Archbishop of Canterbury. “The coronation ceremony will reflect the monarch’s role today and look to the future, while being rooted in long-standing traditions and celebrations,” the palace said. His wife, Queen Consort Camilla (75), is also crowned at Charles’ side. What does this mean for the king consort?

According to the Royal Family’s official website, the coronation has always taken place in Westminster Abbey in London for the past 900 years. The solemn religious ceremony has “almost always” been presided over by the Archbishop of Canterbury since 1066. So far remains King Charles III. so faithful to protocol.

Camilla is crowned as Queen Consort alongside her husband. It states: “Unless otherwise decided, a Queen Consort shall be crowned together with the King in a similar but simpler ceremony.” Exactly what this means is not explained further.

The last Queen Consort to be crowned alongside her husband was Queen Mum (1900-2022), mother of Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022). The coronation of her and King George VI. (1895-1952) took place in May 1937.

As “Sky News” reports, the Archbishop of Canterbury anointed her head with holy oil – as he had done with the king before. A ring was then placed in her hand and a crown placed on her head, before being presented with an ivory scepter and staff. Finally, she bowed to her husband. So Camilla will also be anointed and crowned. This is possible after Queen Elizabeth II announced in February 2022 that Camilla would be named Queen Consort once Charles took the throne.

The Queen said in a statement: “When my son Charles becomes king in due course, I know you will give him and his wife Camilla the same support that you gave me.” And further: “It is my sincere desire that when that time comes, Camilla will be called Queen Consort as she continues her own loyal ministry.”

By the way: if it is a new queen, her husband will not be crowned. Prince Philip (1921-2021) was therefore only involved in the coronation of his wife, Queen Elizabeth II, in June 1953 with a homage. He knelt in front of her and then kissed the crown and her cheek.

Like the coronation of King Charles III. and Queen Consort Camilla is not yet known. The palace wants to announce “further details in due course”.