The documentary “Fallen Idols: Nick and Aaron Carter” from Investigation Discovery (airing on May 27th and 28th) deals with the famous brother duo Nick Carter (44) and Aaron Carter (1987-2022), who died in 2022. This will particularly focus on the controversies and accusations surrounding the two of them.

As “Variety” reports and a first trailer also shows, the documentary focuses on three women who accuse Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter of sexual assault. Melissa Schuman (39), Ashley Repp and Shannon “Shay” Ruth have their say in interviews. Among other things, Schuman accuses the singer of raping her in a friend’s apartment in Santa Monica in 2002. She also took a lawsuit to court. Carter had defended himself with a countersuit for defamation.

“Fallen Idols: Nick and Aaron Carter” addresses the allegations and shows the sometimes violent reactions that the accusers had to contend with. The impact on Aaron Carter, who supported the women with statements, is also shown. The documentary also features a member of the Carter family and friends, including Nick Carter’s ex-girlfriend Kaya Jones (39) and Aaron Carter’s former fiancée Melanie Martin. This sheds light on the Carters’ difficult family dynamics as well as Aaron Carter’s mental health problems and substance abuse.

In November 2022, Aaron Carter, aged 34, was found lifeless in his bathroom. He drowned in his bathtub after taking drugs. The tragic family history also includes the fact that Nick Carter lost two of his sisters. Leslie Carter (1986-2012) died of an overdose in January 2012 at the age of 25. Sister Bobbie Jean Carter (1982-2023) died on December 23, 2023 at the age of just 41 as a result of taking drugs. Another family member is Angel Carter (36), Aaron Carter’s twin sister.