The Monday after the coronation weekend is all about volunteering in Great Britain. Under the title “The Big Help Out”, the British were able to look forward to an additional holiday, which was about helping each other to try new things and get involved. Prince William (40) and Princess Kate (41) and their three children Prince George (9), Princess Charlotte (8) and Prince Louis (5) did not let that go.

The heir to the throne family helped refurbish a local Scout building in Slough. There were a few highlights, especially for the children. Among other things, both Prince George and Prince Louis were allowed to drive an excavator together with their father as part of the big volunteer day. Photos show William sitting in the driver’s cab with his two sons and steering the construction site vehicle.

Prince Louis was also seen filling a wheelbarrow with sand with a spade in the presence of Mama Kate. He then had other volunteers show him where the sand went and insisted on transporting the full wheelbarrow from A to B himself.

All three young royals later tried archery. All the arrows of the royal offspring would have reached the target, quoted one of the volunteers present as “Daily Mail”. William and Kate also took part in the small archery contest. “They were very good and seemed like they were having a lot of fun.”

According to a Scout member, George, Charlotte and Louis participated in all activities offered. “I saw them roasting some marshmallows, they looked like they were enjoying it,” the eyewitness said.

The charity holiday marks the conclusion of the three-day coronation celebrations. The coronation service was held at Westminster Abbey on Saturday (6 May). Coronation Big Lunches were held across the UK on Sunday and the Coronation Concert at Windsor Castle in the evening.