Cloth pants are an asset to any wardrobe. They offer comfort, versatility, style and are easy to care for. So it’s no wonder that cloth trousers are enjoying great popularity again this year. In the right look, they can be used in many ways: for relaxing on the couch, at work, while dancing in the club. They are the perfect companions for every situation in life. The star shows which models are this year’s must-haves.

When hunting for pants, the shopping experience can quickly become very demanding. Here are tips on how to find the perfect dress pants:

The fit is the most important factor when buying pants. The pants should be neither too tight nor too loose. It should fit comfortably on the body.

You should look carefully at the material. Cotton pants are comfortable and breathable, while pants made of polyester or other synthetic materials are more durable.

Cloth pants come in a variety of styles. Think about which style suits you best. Are you more of a chic business type or do you like to wear casual clothes? The trousers should suit you.

Pay attention to the length of the pants. Trying on is a must. Pants shouldn’t be too long and drag on the floor or too short and flood-like.

The color of the pants should match your style. Is your wardrobe rather plain and unobtrusive? Then make sure that the trousers match the other items of clothing and can be easily combined.

Pay attention to the quality of the pants. A quality pair of pants will last longer and look better than an inferior pair of pants. Check the stitching, zipper and buttons to make sure they are well made.

No matter which trousers you want to buy, these criteria should always be observed. The following styles are particularly popular on the fashion market this year and conjure up a good figure.

Wide-leg trousers (translated: “wide trouser legs”) are trousers – as the name suggests – that are characterized by their wide legs. Unlike tight-fitting pants like skinny jeans or drainpipe pants, wide-leg pants are looser and have a roomy silhouette. They come in different styles: culottes, palazzo pants and flared pants. The selection of materials is also diverse: a lot is available from cotton to denim, linen and silk. The wide-leg fabric pants are equally suitable for festive occasions and leisure activities.

High-waisted trousers lie above the navel. Unlike low-waist pants, high-waist pants visually lengthen the legs and can slim the overall figure. The garment is particularly popular because it goes with many outfits. High-waisted slacks look particularly good on those with curvy figures and hourglass silhouettes, as they accentuate the waist and balance proportions.

Pleats are folds created by folding fabrics together and then ironing or pressing them. The folds in cloth trousers usually run vertically. There are a number of ways to style pleated trousers: with a blouse or shirt and heels for a dressy look, or with a t-shirt and sneakers for a relaxed yet fashionable style.

Floral patterns, geometric patterns, paisley patterns, striped patterns, tie-dye patterns: if you want to stand out, you should grab one of these fancy fabric pants. These patterns were typical of clothing in the 70’s and can be found back in fashion today, either in original vintage pieces or as modern reinterpretations.

The special thing about chinos is their combination of elegance and nonchalance. They usually have subtle patterns or soft colors. The design of the trousers is rather simple and timeless. They are very comfortable and good for everyday wear, travel or outdoor activities. Chinos are a good wardrobe investment that can be worn for years to come.

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