The cult car is back in the cinema: More than 30 years after the first part, Til Schweiger, Tina Ruland and many other celebrities celebrated the start of the “Manta, Manta” sequel. At the premiere in Cologne – the regular theatrical release is on Thursday – the film’s car, painted pink, blue and yellow, was pushed onto the red carpet. Schweiger (59) leaned casually against the hood, in his arms colleague Ruland (56).

The two had played the couple Bertie and Uschi in the first part in 1991, chav and hairdresser. Bertie is a fan of the Opel Manta, the drivers of which were often joked about at the time. The Ruhr area comedy is considered a cult film in certain circles. Schweiger, Ruland and other actors from the first part are now returning for the second. New to the ensemble is Schweiger’s daughter Luna (26), who also came to the premiere.

“Who hasn’t seen that?”

“When you watch the film, it reminds me a bit of my youth,” said footballer Lukas Podolski, who has a small guest role in the sequel. Rapper Eko Fresh said: “Who hasn’t seen it? Everyone knows it. And I grew up with it, like everyone.” Actor Mark Keller came because he is friends with Til Schweiger. However, he also has biographical references. “I learned my apprenticeship at Opel myself, as a young guy. I was in the Opel workshop when I was 15 and there were a lot of Manta drivers there.”

Reality TV participant Evelyn Burdecki, who also has an appearance in “Manta Manta – Zwoter Teil”, meanwhile stated how much she admires such a type of man – the Manta driver is “sexy”. “They’re horny, they’re cool, they’re adventurous, they’re not boring. Actually exactly what I’m looking for in a man,” she said. “Unfortunately I don’t think so.”