Some stars don’t have a problem with aging at all. Chris Hemsworth (39) is apparently already dreading turning 40. His birthday is coming up in August, but he feels much younger than he is.

“I don’t think I want to be 40,” the actor, best known for his role as Marvel superhero Thor, told UK men’s magazine GQ. “I still feel like I’m 25” when he still had “plenty of time,” says the Australian. But by now he could already be “halfway” – or even more – behind him. He’s slowly becoming aware: “I won’t be here forever.”

He also thought a lot about that in January when his Marvel colleague Jeremy Renner (52) was seriously injured in a snow plow accident. Thankfully, the Hawkey actor is on the mend. At the time, some “Avengers” stars would have talked in a chat group: “And it was wild, none of us really knew how serious it was.” When something like this happens, realize that it could hit you at any time.

“We’re getting to the age where we’re going to start losing people we love,” Hemsworth said. In the conversation he also tells that his grandfather recently died at the age of 93. At the funeral, everyone spoke of his grandfather with great respect. This prompted him to think about his own life.

“And it wasn’t about a career or anything. It was about being remembered as someone who was good and kind, who contributed something of value,” says the 39-year-old. That’s why he doesn’t think about whether people will remember his films. He hopes that he will be remembered as a good person: “That I was a good guy, like my grandfather.”