In contrast to a classic air mattress, the water hammock has a lying surface made of net or mesh fabric. Only the edge or the head and foot element is filled with air. As a result, you lie with a large part of your body in the water without sinking. So you can swim and cool off at the same time – a real treat when temperatures rise to over 30 degrees in summer. However, the water hammock also has a small disadvantage: it carries less weight than an ordinary air mattress, so you should pay attention to the maximum load capacity before buying. Below we present a few common models.

1. Intex

This PVC water hammock from Intex measures 178 by 94 centimeters and weighs 480 grams. The inflatable frame and the separate head section are covered with fabric to increase comfort and durability. The lying surface (without annoying seams) consists of a fine mesh network through which water can penetrate and cool your body while swimming. The model is available here in green and blue.

2. AcserGery

It’s a hammock, deck chair, sports saddle and beach mat all in one: AcserGery’s 4-in-1 pool float with mesh bottom has been covered with environmentally friendly PVC fabric and is therefore ideal for pools, beaches and lakes. According to the manufacturer, the maximum load capacity is between 120 and 200 kilograms, depending on whether you choose a blue, yellow or pink model. The headrest and footrest are inflatable.

3. Bestway

The water hammock made of PVC from Bestway carries significantly less weight: the maximum load capacity here is 90 kilograms. The 160 by 84 centimeters and 560 grams “heavy” model is available in turquoise and violet. In addition to the inflatable frame, the headboard can also be inflated with air for extra comfort. The lying surface consists of a mesh fabric so that water can penetrate and cool the body.

4. He cried

Lidl also has a Crivit water hammock in its range: the 167 by 79 centimeters long and 525 gram light model with two air chambers (with fabric covering) is available in blue and green. It is made of PVC, polyester and nylon and supports a maximum of 100 kilograms. An integrated headboard is intended to increase comfort, and this water-permeable sunbathing area also offers an extra-wide storage area.

5. Alintor

The manufacturer Alintor also advertises here that its pool toy combines four different functions in just one model: It is equal parts hammock, deck chair, drifter and sports saddle. When inflated, the water hammock made of high-quality PVC can easily carry a load of up to 150 kilograms. It is available in two different colors (pink and blue), has two inflatable side arms and a head section.

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