Whether in the pool or on the beach, bathing shoes ensure a secure hold and protect your feet from uneven surfaces. The shoes are made of flexible material, are waterproof and non-slip. Children especially benefit from the practical shoes. But there are also models for adults. Read here what you should consider when buying bathing shoes.

The functionality of bathing shoes is quickly explained, they offer more security and step-resistance on wet and uneven surfaces. Non-slip soles prevent slipping on wet surfaces. On the beach or at the bathing lake, the practical shoes also protect against injuries caused by broken glass, sharp stones or sharp-edged shells. If you want to walk on hot sand during your summer holiday, you will also benefit from the shoes, because it is more comfortable with protective bathing shoes.

Bathing shoes are available for children and adults as well as for different areas of use. The shoes are most popular on vacation or on trips to the swimming pool or bathing lake. Protective footwear is also suitable for water sports. Most models are made of plastic or neoprene, making them robust, durable and easy to clean.

Bathing shoes are easy to care for, but should be cleaned regularly. If the shoes have been exposed to sea salt or chlorinated water, you should wash them with warm water and soap. Heavy soiling on the sole can be carefully removed with a soft brush. The bathing shoes should then dry well ventilated.

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