Cher (77) can hardly believe that she will soon be 80 years old. Neither have her fans, given the fact that the singer-actress hasn’t changed much over the decades. Cher revealed the secret of her youthful appearance on TV show Good Morning Britain. She would never cut her hair short and would never stop wearing jeans. In addition, she speaks of good genes in her family.

According to Cher, inner attitude may also play a role. “I don’t know if you don’t get younger if you don’t feel old. I’m not sure,” she said. The singer tries to keep up with current trends and has many young friends. But she doesn’t consciously try to feel young: “I am who I am, whatever that means”.

“Good Morning Britain” presenter Susanne Reid (52) later discussed a “hair debate in midlife” with Cher’s statement on X (formerly Twitter). She had just had her hair cut.

In early 2022, Cher told People that she would never show her hair gray. The singer usually wears wigs in public anyway, but her real hair shouldn’t be gray yet.

Another secret to Cher’s youthful look is of course plastic surgery. From this, the singer, who recently split from her boyfriend Alexander “A.E.”, who is 40 years her junior. Edwards (37) is said to have separated, never made a secret. But it’s also about the inner attitude.