Whether it’s a walk in the forest, the nearest outdoor swimming pool or a bike ride in the countryside: you can find time for a picnic anytime, anywhere. The basis for this is essential things such as a blanket, cutlery and crockery as well as some provisions – for example small snacks and cool drinks. All accessories are stored in a classic picnic basket. In contrast to the past, the models today have many more functions. Also, to keep food fresher longer outdoors. What these are and what you should definitely pay attention to when packing will be explained in more detail in this article.

An open rattan basket may look nice, but it’s not particularly practical for a picnic. Firstly, there are no fastening options, and secondly, there are no cooling functions or protection from insects. The following three models are better suited for an outdoor lunch.

Typical of the wicker basket is its rectangular shape, which is usually closed with one or two flaps. For safer transport, the Display4top model has two straps and a carrying handle. What is also particularly practical is that the basket is delivered already filled: it contains four sets of crockery including cutlery, wine glasses, napkins and bottle openers. And so that the sets don’t roll around in there, they can also be secured in the picnic basket.

On a hot summer day, perishable foods don’t last long outdoors – and drinks that are better enjoyed cold also warm up quicker. Here it makes sense to use a thermal basket with an integrated cooling function: like this model from Navaris. Thanks to the inner lining, which is fully insulated with food-safe PEVA film, and a zipper, your food and drinks stay fresher for longer in the foldable basket.

A well-filled picnic basket is not always light, so your arms quickly get tired on long transport routes. For longer routes or bike tours, a picnic backpack is a good idea, as it can be easily carried over your shoulders and is therefore less of a burden. There are also suitable models (in different colors), for example from Sunflora, which are already equipped with crockery and cutlery as well as a blanket – and also have an insulated cooling compartment.

In addition to the basket filled with food and drinks, the upcoming picnic requires a few important details:

A classic outdoor picnic usually takes place on the ground. For this reason, a large blanket is one of the absolute must-haves. Ideally, you should choose a foldable model that is waterproof and well insulated at the same time.

If the picnic basket does not have a cooling function, it is advisable to store perishable food in food storage containers. You can also put ice packs in the basket to keep the snacks and drinks cold for as long as possible.

If the picnic basket is supplied exclusive of crockery and cutlery, you must use your own. It’s best to choose reusable plates and glasses – or at least recyclable disposable tableware and cutlery.

It should go without saying, but it still needs to be mentioned: take enough garbage bags with you to every picnic so that you can dispose of your waste properly. To protect the environment, especially the flora and fauna.

Since finger foods eaten with your hands can cause dirty and sticky fingers, you should think about napkins for adults or wet wipes for children. Alternatively, a tea towel and some water will also work.

Last but not least, it is advisable to put on sunscreen for an outdoor picnic when the sun is shining – and to put sunscreen in your basket. In addition, it is not a bad idea to take something with you for the prevention and aftercare of mosquito bites.

For an outdoor lunch with friends or family, you can take (almost) anything you like with you. Bite-sized snacks and finger food, for example, can be easily prepared at home and stored in the picnic basket. However, you should be careful with sweets as they not only stick to your fingers, but also attract hungry insects such as flies and wasps. Treats such as chocolate, which melt more quickly in the sun, should also be left at home – “dry” desserts such as cakes or muffins are more suitable. And what other foods are missing from a picnic?

The following list of snack suggestions is intended to serve as inspiration:

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