Darts are also popular outside of the official world championships. This was proven by the latest edition of “Die Promi-Darts-WM”, which was held on ProSieben last Saturday (January 7th). In the net range from three years, around 5.75 million viewers came to watch the professional celebrity duos throw arrows again after a two-year break. In the target group of 14 to 49 years it was still 13.1 percent with 0.650 million. Meanwhile, the ZDF thriller “Wilsberg” won the day among the total audience with a rating of around 7.1 million.

At the end of the live event, soccer professional Kevin Großkreutz (34) and three-time darts world champion Michael “Mighty Mike” van Gerwen (33) were the winners of the “Celebrity Darts World Cup”. Together they had prevailed in the final against comedian Bülent Ceylan (47) and Gerwyn “The Iceman” Price (37). “It feels really nice to be world champion. It was really fun,” said Großkreutz after the triumph.

But of course he knows who contributed the lion’s share of the win: “Michael van Gerwen was of course a huge partner. What he checked out was amazing. Now we’ve won, another title, I’m just happy.” Grosskreutz has now apparently tasted blood and wants to “remain faithful to darts in any case”.

In addition to Großkreutz and Ceylan, moderator Matthias Killing (43) and musician Henning Wehland (51) also took part in the format. Just like the couple Amira (30) and Oliver Pocher (44), for both of whom it was about more than just the darts crown. “My ambition to win against Olli is very big because we always like to challenge ourselves,” said Amira Pocher in advance. It wasn’t enough for both of them for the final, but Amira won the internal duel. Together with professional Peter “Snakebite” Wright (52), she threw her husband and his darts partner Fallon Sherrock (28) out of the tournament.

It was the fifth time that the “Celebrity Darts World Cup” was held. The show last took place on January 4, 2020. Back then, too, the triumphant professional player was called Michael van Gerwen, when he won the trophy together with former handball player Pascal Hens (42).