The second “Celebrity Big Brother” live show flickered across the Sat.1 screens on Tuesday evening, November 21st. A guest in the studio with the moderators Jochen Schropp (44) and Marlene Lufen (52) was none other than Yvonne Woelke (42), who after all was given considerable complicity by Peter Klein’s (56) wife Iris Klein (56). bitter separation of the married couple.

After Iris Klein spectacularly moved into the “Celebrity Big Brother” container in the first live show on Monday evening and met her ex-partner there, Peter Klein’s supposed lover was now given the chance to explain her point of view. Woelke had previously announced in an Instagram story: “The bomb is bursting today.” But in the “Celebrity Big Brother” studio there was ultimately little sign of this.

First of all, Woelke repeats accusations against Iris Klein that don’t exactly sound new, which were already heard from her “good friend” Peter Klein in the current “Celebrity Big Brother” season. “I’m really horrified, shocked and I’m really at a loss for words that someone like that is still given such a platform and that they can still spread these lies,” says the 42-year-old.

She would continue to stand by Peter Klein, even if she only saw him as a friend and was not in love with him. “I would say that we have really grown together and no one else can imagine how we feel,” says Woelke, or: “We are good friends, is that no longer allowed?” However, she doesn’t reveal anything really new with these statements.

When asked by the “Celebrity Big Brother” moderators why she would continue to carry on the media mudslinging against Iris Klein, Woelke replied that she just wanted to clear her name because she would currently be seen as “an adulterer” in the German public. “and of course I defend myself.”

There will be no direct contact with Iris and Peter Klein in the “Celebrity Big Brother” container during Woelke’s appearance on Tuesday. But that may change in the coming days and weeks. When asked whether she would also like to move into the container, the former Miss Germany answered with a clear and decisive “yes”.

“Celebrity Big Brother” fans can follow the events this year in the “Celebrity Big Brother – 24 hour live stream” on the Joyn Plus streaming platform. The next live broadcast will be on Wednesday, November 22nd, from 11 p.m. on Sat.1.