After spending the night in the uncomfortable attic in the “Celebrity Big Brother” container, the first celebrity is already getting out voluntarily: TV insurance detective Patrick Hufen (52) has had enough. “Big Brother, unfortunately I have to tell you that I want to leave the house,” said Hufen in the second episode on Saturday evening in Sat.1.

Hufen underestimated the situation, he explained in the consulting room. “I feel like I can’t develop the way I imagined. I just feel bad and then I can’t be who I am. ‘Big Brother’ is definitely too hard for me,” gave he to. Then he said goodbye to his roommates.

Was the Zoff in the attic to blame for Hufen’s early exit? After all, there was a thick air between the influencers Valentina Doronina (22) and Jeremy Fragrance (33) right from the start. In episode two, the topics of Instagram followers and fees were discussed. However, shortly after moving in on Friday evening, Doronina was “annoyed” by the fragrance influencer after he didn’t want to take off his white suit. For them, the 33-year-old is “disrespectful”, an “asshole” and a “psychopath”.