It’s been three months since Cathy Hummels (35) and soccer star Mats Hummels (34) officially divorced after 13 years of marriage. In an interview with the magazine “Gala”, the presenter once again spoke openly and honestly about the time after the breakup and to what extent she was physically and mentally burdened. She was “restless”, “pushing everything away” and “couldn’t sit still”, she says: “And all of that went hand in hand with an enormous weight loss for me.”

The 35-year-old is a “psychosomatic person”, meaning: “I digest everything, and the divorce literally hit me in the stomach.” That’s her “weak point,” says Hummels. She also finds it harder to gain weight than lose weight.

She is currently doing physically and mentally “as well as she has not been for a long time,” she continues to tell the magazine. She is grateful “that I survived the separation so well”. She is about to move soon, with her son Ludwig (4) she is moving to a new house in Munich, where the moderator will then open “a new chapter”.