She herself quotes the title that someone gave her years ago and is quite proud of it: “Headline Queen of Germany.” In her new RTL2 documentary “Cathy Hummels – Alles auf Anfang” the 34-year-old still wants to show that she is more than that. More than “just” a player woman who supports her famous partner. “I polarize because I have an opinion. And because I’m not mainstream at all,” she explains right at the beginning.

But she also knows that her failed relationship with BVB player Mats Hummels is what should interest people in Germany the most. And Hummels delivers. In her documentary, she reveals that it was her ex-husband who wanted a divorce. He could no longer stand not having his wife with him in Dortmund. “I know what I need and I had a choice: either I lose him or I lose myself,” she explains her decision not to have moved to Dortmund with him in 2019, but to stay in Munich. In Dortmund she had two bad depressions, in the south she is simply better.

Despite all honesty, Hummels does not want to answer a question. “Did he cheat?” You can hear from the off in the documentary. “I don’t say anything about that,” replies the influencer.

The woman from Munich still seems touched when she talks about her marriage and the separation. A sadness accompanies the moderator for almost the entire documentary. In order to get physically fit again, she regularly has infusions given by a doctor friend of hers. Conventional foods, Hummels claims, just don’t provide enough nutrients anymore.

In the documentary, Cathy travels from her home in Munich to Los Angeles to fulfill a dream: to become an actress. A guest appearance in the mystery series “X Factor” should be the beginning. But in order to stay fit in the apartment building in L.A., Hummels first had a cross trainer delivered. With an outside temperature of 37 degrees, you see two sweaty men carrying the heavy device into Cathy’s bedroom. As thanks, they each get a $20 tip and two cinnamon rolls. “I thanked them in my own way,” she explains, and then calls out to the two men that the “hard work was worth it. As always in life,” because the cross trainer works. Later, Hummels decides that she needs to rent a bike, too, because she doesn’t want to spend 100 euros on an Uber to go to Pilates.

But Hummels hasn’t just come to Los Angeles for the X Factor and workouts, but also to get her love life back on track. To do this, she marches holding hands with Papa Fischer to a dating agency, where she explains to the two women in charge that she doesn’t want to meet a German man, but rather an American or an Englishman. “The Mats was my only friend,” explains the former player’s wife. Since she has known him, she has not met anyone else for a rendezvous. Her father sits a little out of place next to Hummels and smiles.

It is also he who later drives her on a date. At a diner, Cathy meets an Aussie who is “good looking” but whose acting demo tape fails to convince her. The meeting could probably go down in the history of the most absurd nonsense dates on TV, so inauthentic getting to know the two seems.

When Hummels finally arrives on the set of “The X Factor,” it becomes clear that she won’t be allowed to wear the costumes she brought with her. Hummels would like to give her small role a little more shine with eye-catching makeup. The shooting of Cathy’s attitude then takes place “crass professionally”, as she finds herself. After two hours, the day of shooting is already over. For Cathy, Papa Fischer and the two assistants, it’s back to Munich, where the next project is waiting for the influencer: the Wiesn. There she strolls with some prominent guests for her “Wiesn stroll” over the Theresienwiese and drinks champagne.

At the end of the documentary, the viewer is left with two thoughts: The sincere wish that Cathy Hummels may achieve what she wants. And the hope that next time she won’t be accompanied by cameras.

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