Horst Lichter was immediately trumped: He wanted to know from Bianca Berding whether that was a cup that she was holding in her hand. “A cup of honor,” the expert corrected him. “You still put one on top,” Lichter teases.

Jürgen Gelzenleuchter and Werner Kammer from Langen in Hesse brought the object into the show. The trophy is a remnant of the two’s previous singing club, which had to be dissolved in 2019 due to a lack of singers.

The honorary cup was presented on the occasion of a national singing competition more than 100 years ago, on May 3, 1908. Grand Duke Friedrich II of Baden dedicated it. The two singers would like 150 euros for their piece. The expert goes over it: She thinks 250 to 300 euros is possible due to the value of the silver.

But before the bidding begins, the two sellers have to give a sample of their singing skills in the dealer’s room. “You obviously won the competition,” says Julian Schmitz-Avila.

And indeed: The Hessians, second tenor and a first bass, don’t take long to ask, they start saying “We only drink if it doesn’t cost anything.” For this they receive a huge round of applause from the five dealers, and Schmitz-Avila invites the two of them for a glass of water – which they politely decline – “it doesn’t taste good”.

Walter “Waldi” Lehnertz starts unusually high for his standards – he offers 120 euros. Schmitz-Avila’s highest bid is 200 euros, but that’s not enough for the two singing friends – they want 250 euros. The dealer agrees – so the honorary cup changes hands.

Gelzenleuchter and Kammer beam afterwards: They want to burn the money with their former singers.

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