“Is this an object now?” asks Horst Lichter when he enters the expert room of “Bares für Rares” and sees Sven Deutschmanek examining a golden jacket. The siblings Naomi and Geronimo Mannes from Frankfurt received them as a gift from their former boxing trainer when they were still young. Since it doesn’t fit them, it has been hanging in a dust bag in the closet ever since.

However, it’s too good for that – because it’s a very special jacket: her boxing trainer at the time received the item of clothing as a gift from Angelo Dundee, Muhammad Ali’s boxing trainer. It was made into the 1978 comic “Superman vs. Muhammad Ali.”

It is a merchandise product that is available to buy more often. It’s the sticker on the front that assigns the jacket to Ali’s trainer that makes the piece special. However, to guarantee authenticity, a photo would be needed showing Angelo Dundee wearing this jacket.

Despite the lack of proof, the siblings are not particularly modest when it comes to the desired price: they want 10,000 euros. However, the expert cannot go along with that. Although he is enthusiastic about the jacket and its story, it is ultimately a collector’s item. His estimate: from 1000 euros upwards.

Of course, that’s far from the desired price, but Lichter advises the two of them to try their luck in the dealer’s room. There, Christian Vechtel immediately puts on his college jacket and struts up and down until his colleague Friedrich Häusser shouts: “We’re not at Coco Chanel here.”

Fabian Kahl immediately notices that it is an unusual object for which there is not really a price, and asks the siblings what their desired price is.

When Geronimo Mannes mentions the expertise, Vechtel starts with 500 euros. However, the bids initially don’t go any further than 2,200 euros, and so Kahl asks again: “What do you want?”

Nobody present is willing to pay 10,000 euros. But the dealers say goodbye to the two sellers with good tips and recommend that they contact auction houses in the USA. Christian Vechtel is left with the realization: he was allowed to wear this jacket for a brief moment.

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