The two plastic dumbbells that Stefan Renner and Peter Koch from Landstuhl want to sell at “Bares für Rares” date from 1983. The spouses no longer have any use for it.

Memories come back to Detlev Kümmel when he sees the brown training equipment. “Now tell me that you know her,” he says to Horst Lichter as he enters the studio. But the presenter admits that he used to pump iron. The expert, on the other hand, is familiar with the strength machines: “I still know these machines. Someone always had something like that.”

Kümmel now takes a short excursion into the 70s and 80s. In the gyms there, people learned how to build muscles – but not how to do it healthily. “It wasn’t scientifically substantiated back then,” said the expert.

That’s why bodybuilder Gert Koelbel designed training equipment for beginners. This resulted in the brown dumbbells, which can be filled with water according to the desired weight. In this way you could vary between one and 30 kilos, depending on your level of training. The dumbbells came with instructions with exercises; a well-trained man demonstrates them in the photos.

The two men specify “a Waldi” as the desired price, i.e. 80 euros. That seems possible: Kümmel estimates the value of the dumbbells at 20 to 40 euros each – that would result in a range of 40 to 80 euros.

After the couple left the expert room, Horst Lichter, his face contorted in pain, tried his luck on the weight machine before abandoning the attempt. “You know that yours here is empty?” Detlev Kümmel calls after him.

The subsequent auction is more than pleasing for the two sellers: Wolfgang Pauritsch starts right away with the desired price and offers 80 euros. Although he has also reached the upper limit of the estimated value, the Austrian increases his own bid and is willing to pay 100 euros.

Of course, the couple have no objection to this, and so the two dumbbells change hands. Wolfgang Pauritsch doesn’t want to sell them on, but rather use them himself in the future: “Now I’ll leave them in the hotel and do a little exercise here too.”

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