When Horst Lichter enters the expert room at “Bares für Rares”, he is thrilled: Detlev Kümmel is leaning over a scooter and letting the engine whine. The presenter raves about the four-stroke engines. “Why do you want to sell it,” he asks Rolf Lehmann.

The 57-year-old bank clerk from Bückeburg has a good explanation: The scooter still has eleven brothers and sisters. Of course, that’s entirely to Lichter’s taste: “I like you,” he says to the salesman.

The expert explains that this is a “Heinkel Tourist” from 1957. Above all, it highlights the top condition of the vehicle. What particularly excites Detlev Kümmel: Using the vehicle registration document, he can prove that the scooter was taken over first-hand. “From my neighbor,” as Lehmann reveals.

The seller would be happy with “anything over 3000 euros” as the desired price. Kümmel actually thinks that is possible: he estimates the value at 3,000 to 3,500 euros. “I’ll be honest: I’m a little in love with the scooter,” admits Lichter.

The presenter is obviously not alone: ​​the 66-year-old, but new-looking scooter is also very well received in the dealer room. Wolfgang Pauritsch makes his ambitions clear right away with his starting bid: he is prepared to pay 4,500 euros for the old treasure. This means it significantly exceeds the desired price and the estimated value.

The other dealers are visibly impressed by this. And when Jos van Katwijk inquires about the expertise, it is clear that there will be no more bids. The seller happily agrees to the deal – so the scooter changes hands for a lot of money. Lehmann thanks you for your appreciation.

Watch the video: “Cash for Rares”: Exciting and curious facts about the junk show on ZDF.

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