Manicure and pedicure are the beauty accessories par excellence in summer. Betting on the same nail color is a very successful option as Carlota Casiraghi demonstrates.

The daughter of Carolina de Monaco has chosen a very beautiful and elegant tone: coral. This bright and cheerful color, between pink and red, has the virtue of enhancing the tan, so it is perfect for summer.

Faced with the most sophisticated and risky manicures with gel or acrylic nails, Carlota opts for a minimalist style that has more and more followers.

The princess has short, rounded nails enameled in a single color, coral.

It is an easy tone to combine with clothes, as it looks good with both light colors, the most common in summer, and dark colors.

One of the advantages of opting for a minimalist manicure like Carlota Casiraghi’s in a single color is that it can be easily done at home.

To achieve a perfect result, Begoña Gómez, treatment expert at Yves Rocher, advises “removing the previous enamel correctly and without leaving a single strand of color. Leave 24 hours of rest, so that they breathe and the surface of the nails is prepared to achieve a more lasting manicure. One hour before painting them, spread a moisturizing oil on the nails and let it absorb completely. Apply a primer first. The base not only prevents yellowing, but also strengthens the nails and smoothes the surface so that the polish glides on smoothly. Let it dry completely before polishing your nails. As a final touch, apply a top coat. If, in addition to spreading it after painting them, another layer is added two days later, the color will remain impeccable.

Coral nails are a perfect proposal for this summer, since, in addition to being an elegant color that is easy to combine, it manages to enhance the tan of the skin.