Most return to the office from their summer vacation with an intense tan. Arrived in everyday life, the beautiful complexion often disappears quickly. The right care helps. With these tips and tricks, you can still show off your summer tan in the fall.

Getting a tan doesn’t just start after the holiday – you should create the right basis for a lasting summer tan even before sunbathing. Anyone who is still traveling south should note: Regular peeling ensures that dead skin cells do not remain on the skin. In general, well-cared for skin tans better and more lastingly. In addition to sufficient moisturizing care, this also includes a balanced diet and a balanced vitamin balance. Particularly important: beta-carotene. The vitamin can protect the skin from sun damage and allergy and ensure an even tan.

One of the most important factors for a long-lasting tan: dealing with the sun correctly. Especially at the beginning of the holiday you should not expose your skin to the blazing sun for too long, at most a few minutes a day. In the first few days of vacation, it is advisable to stay mainly in the shade – you will also get a tan there. Don’t forget: apply enough sunscreen. Even skin types that are not prone to sunburn should not be out in the sun without sunscreen.

After sunbathing, the skin is particularly thirsty – even days and weeks later. Products with aloe vera in particular have a moisturizing effect and soothe tense skin. This also ensures that the tan lasts longer. Hot, long showers or even baths dry out the skin even more and should therefore be avoided. Care products with a self-tanning effect are now also available. The advantage: Small edges and stripes are hardly noticeable due to the pre-tanned skin.