Patrice Aminati, wife of TV presenter Daniel Aminati, spoke emotionally about the pain during cancer treatment after her cancer recurred. “What I didn’t know was the horrific side effects this therapy would have. There’s nothing to sugarcoat here,” she writes on Instagram.

“I know there are those affected who feel the same way as me – others are a little more lucky. I lost sight and hearing because of the pain.” During this pain she almost lost “humanity”. “I’ve changed about it.”

The therapy will continue “when the side effects subside,” even if she is very afraid of it, said Aminati. But she is grateful for the therapy. “Because I want to live. Just live. My little dear life.” Life has never seemed “so precious, so worth living” to her.

“I’ve had a difficult time”

At the same time, she thanked her for the encouragement she had received – and asked for forgiveness for not being able to respond immediately. She doesn’t feel capable of doing that yet. “Those affected know that if a cancer patient doesn’t come forward, if he is quiet, if he remains silent, then it is bad. I have had a difficult time. With pain that was unimaginable for me,” she wrote. In addition to the words, she also posted photos from her treatment period.

Only recently, Daniel Aminati (“taff”) addressed his fans with a moving message in which he reported that metastases had formed in Patrice – after the doctors had assumed in the fall that the cancer had not spread . In April last year, Aminati canceled an upcoming reading tour to be there for his sick wife. The couple has a child together, who was born in the summer of 2022.