The British royal family is looking for reinforcements. The palace has advertised the position of a communications assistant online. The tasks include, among other things, answering media inquiries about the work of the members of the royals and creating updates for social media. This is exactly where the job advertisement is causing a stir…

The royal family, especially Princess Kate and her husband Prince William, are currently having problems containing conspiracy theories about Kate’s health. The 42-year-old had abdominal surgery in January and has therefore not appeared in public in the past few weeks. A picture for British Mother’s Day at the beginning of March should put an end to the rumors about her. However, after the picture was recalled by well-known photo agencies because it had been digitally altered, the damage was extensive. Kate publicly apologized, and even more conspiracy theories have been circulating since then.

Some users on social media are therefore advising the royals not to hire a new communications assistant, “but rather a crisis communications specialist.” Some joked that they would do the job unpaid just to find out what was really behind the Princess Kate fuss. Since the position is advertised by Buckingham Palace and not by Kensington Palace, the household of William and Kate, the job does not directly relate to the work of the heir to the throne couple.

The new employee is apparently supposed to take care of the entire royal family. “The reactions to our work are always very public, so reputation and impact are at the forefront of your work,” the job advertisement also states. Those interested can apply until April 7th. For 37.5 hours a week, the palace offers the equivalent of around 30,000 euros per year, which seems quite low for work in one of the most expensive cities in the world.