After an almost six-month health break, US rock legend Bruce Springsteen (74) returned to the stage on March 19th at an acclaimed concert in Phoenix, Arizona, to continue his world tour, which was interrupted in September. As Deadline magazine reports, the singer was now very afraid that he would never be able to sing again.

According to the report, in an interview with Jim Rotolo, host of E Street Radio, he said: “You sing with your diaphragm. My diaphragm hurt so much that if I tried to sing it would kill me “I wanted to, you know? So I literally couldn’t sing at all, and that lasted two or three months, along with a host of other painful problems.”

Apparently the pain was so grueling that the “Boss” panicked about losing his ability to sing forever. He was depressed that the doctors treating him initially didn’t want to give him a 100% guarantee that he would return to his job: “At first no one said that, which made me nervous, you know, but at the end of the day I have some great ones Found doctors who got me back on my feet and I can only thank them.”

He will need the voice he has now found in full in the next few months. As Rolling Stone magazine reports, there are still a total of 52 concerts ahead of him on the newly started world tour.