“Brokeback Mountain” can soon also be admired on the theater stage. The adaptation of the short story by Annie Proulx (87) will premiere on May 10, 2023 in London’s West End. This was announced by the Soho Place theater on Instagram, among other things. The piece is scheduled to run there until August 12th.

Annie Proulx’ short story, first published in 1997, about two cowboys who fall in love in the 1960s was made into a 2005 film. The adaptation by Ang Lee (68, “Life of Pi”) with Heath Ledger (1979-2008) and Jake Gyllenhaal (42) immediately became a modern classic. “Brokeback Mountain” won three Oscars, including best director. The fact that there was no award for best picture is still considered a scandal in Oscar history, which only came about because of the many conservative members in the Academy.

The main roles in the stage version embody Lucas Hedges (26) and Mike Faist (31). Hedges is known for his supporting role in “Manchester by the Sea” alongside Casey Affleck (47). Among other things, Faist attracted attention with his role as gang leader Riff in “West Side Story”.

In the comments under the Soho Place Theater’s Instagram post, there is some criticism of the casting of two heterosexual actors in this role. Some users would have wished for homosexual actors because they would not get enough opportunities to represent their sexuality on stage.

With the songwriter Dan Gillespie Sells (44), however, a self-confessed homosexual artist delivers the songs.

The theatrical adaptation was scripted by Ashley Robinson. “Ashley’s book is fresh and deeply moving, opening up perspectives not seen in the original or in subsequent adaptations,” says Annie Proulx of his script. “‘Brokeback Mountain’ has been retranslated into a variety of forms, each with its own unique mood and impact,” says the author.

In addition to the film adaptation by Ang Lee, there is already an opera version of “Brokeback Mountain”, which premiered in Madrid in 2014.