In around a week she had cracked the million, now Britney Spears (42) has reached a new milestone with “The Woman in Me” in the USA. Her autobiography, published at the end of October 2023, has sold more than two million copies there so far, as “People” magazine reports, citing a statement from Gallery Books. In addition to hardcover books, audio books and e-books are also included in the sales figures.

“My book has officially sold more than two million copies in the USA,” the singer said happily in a statement. Spears also thanked: “Thank you to all the fans who supported me and my story. I love you all!!!”

In the tell-all book, Spears writes, among other things, about her tough childhood in the spotlight, about past love affairs and about the guardianship to which she was subject for 13 years. In this context, she also mercilessly settles accounts with her father, Jamie Spears (71).

And who knows, maybe Britney Spears will think about more books after this sales success. One could appear as early as this year. As the industry magazine “Variety”, among others, reported a few weeks ago, she indicated on Instagram that a second part could be published in 2024. However, anonymous sources close to the singer claimed that no new book is yet in the works.

Spears will probably no longer release any new albums. She has turned her back on the music industry once and for all, as she explained on Instagram about a week ago. “I will never go back to the music industry!!! When I write, I write for fun or I write for other people!!!” said Spears. Rumors of a new album began after she announced a song called “Hate You To Like Me” on social media in October. However, she did not reveal when this might appear.