Britney Spears’ (42) bikini parade: The singer has been posting videos in a bikini on Instagram for days. Posing on the beach, lying in the ocean, or dancing in the hotel room, Spears continues to have fun showing off her body for the camera.

In one video, she kneels in the sand in front of the sea in a tight bikini in a trendy leopard pattern and poses, squeezing her breasts with her hands.

In the next video she lounges in the water and can be seen on a speedboat, this time in a bright pink bikini and white boots. She explains that she also wears her boots on the beach because she can dance in them. Also on board: a dark-haired young man who kisses Britney on the head.

In the next video, the former pop princess is standing in a room again in a leopard bikini, pushing her breasts up and pushing her panties dangerously far down. She writes, “Have a nice day my friends!” A video later she presents a red dress whose strap is torn.

Apparently the singer feels comfortable in her body again. Almost two weeks ago, on March 15, Spears announced that she was now doing intermittent fasting. With implications: She is currently too weak for her video shoots, she wrote on Instagram. In return she has reached a “new spiritual dimension”.

In her biography “The Woman in Me,” Spears explained why she enjoys taking revealing pictures of herself: “I think if they had been photographed thousands of times by other people, encouraged and posed for the approval of others , they would understand that I enjoy posing however I feel sexy and taking my own photo.”

As Daily Mail reports, Spears is currently on vacation at an undisclosed location. It is not yet known who the man on the boat is and whether he is a friend or a possible new relationship.